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Sink "face" clean is very important!
The sink is known as the "heart" of the kitchen, but it is also the most likely to be dirty. In the kitchen to cook most of the time both in dealing with and sink, whether before or after meals, food and tableware cleaning can not be separated from the water tank to help. And we often in the sink scrubbing cloth, tableware cleaning or ingredients from aspects of the dirty things are and the wall of the water tank directly contact. Sink seems to be clean and tidy, but the daily cleaning and maintenance or not less. Today is a little slow on some of the sink to introduce some of the necessary tips, we work together, so that the sink is bright as new.
1, often cleaning the sink, in the use of the time should be in the room temperature and dry, do not make the water droplets remain on the surface.
2, retention of water will lead to mineral deposits occur, in this case, you can use a low concentration of vinegar solution to remove this type of deposition, and finally the water is completely clean.
3, do not put the low carbon steel or cast iron utensils placed in the sink for a long time, do not put the rubber bowl, wet sponge or other cleaning pad left in the sink.
4, do not put rubber dishes, wet washing dishes or other cleaning pad placed in the sink.
5, containing chlorine component of family activities, bleaching agent will hurt the sink, even put it in the cupboard, if with bleaching agent or chemical detergent container is opened, from wafting gases or vapors will cause harm to under the sink.
6, even if is to be put in the cupboard, if will be equipped with bleaching agent or chemical detergent container is opened, from wafting gases or vapors will cause harm to under the sink.
7, as little as possible use of silver containing detergent or other detergent containing sulfur or hydrochloric acid. Using the method, not the normal incorrect cleaning habits and impure water will cause harm to the sink.
8, do not put the lemon, sauces, pickles, mustard or other rich in salt, or erosion of food for a long time placed in the sink and panel, to prevent the corrosion tank, giving the appearance of flash is difficult to clean the traces.
9, do not directly on the tank panel cutting food or cutting hard objects, to prevent scratching the sink or sink cause shape change.
10, in the installation or interior decoration, do not be made of low carbon steel, metal or solid materials made of tools or other rusty objects placed in the sink or on the.
11 and not containing chlorine component cleaning supplies such as bleaching agent for cleaning the sink, silver containing detergent or containing sulfuric, hydrochloric acid and photographic chemicals or soldering melts if fall into the tank should be immediately with water rinse clean.
12, do not use a steel ball scrub sink, to avoid scratches on the surface, and the metal particles of lead to rust in the basin wall.
13, if sink flash "rust", "mildew" and so on can with five cleaning powder or toothpaste coated in rust and spots, with cloth can be scrubbed clean. Do not use 100 clean silk, grinding or polishing materials to clean the sink.