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How old stockings wash water
Deal with the oil sink, generally with a sponge dipped in catharsis spirit, transverse brushing the, if the dirt is more serious, with steel ball, steel pellets may have scratches, how to do, try, the old stockings sheathed on the outside of a steel wire ball how, so that the cleaning. You don't have to worry about scratches. After the wash, be sure to use dry cloth to dry water, so washing tank surface to really show bright.
Old stockings can wash the curtain hook. The stocking toe 15 cm long section cut into the curtain hook, then the opening part of the tie up, after soaking in the addition of detergent in warm water, by hand rubbing, reoccupy clear water washed net, direct dry.
Also, tea helps to dust. Due to the tea dregs can absorb dust, cleaning the room dust nitrate, first sprinkle some brewing tea, and then the broom is used to clean, it will be more easy, remember that the wet tea can Bigan effect.