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How to maintain the new sink
Many families will encounter such a problem, is the installation of the sink after the home improvement is not completely renovated. At this time how to maintain the sink?
1 the surface of the water tank can be coated with a layer of oil, so we use up to go all lengths! When the official residence, the direct cleaning on the line.
2 after the installation of the sink, do not smear the glass glue. To make the first time to do the test, so if the quality of the sink or the installation problem will be seen in the first time.
3 if the water tank surface appears to float, we do not panic, this is because the decoration of the iron particles deposited in the sink surface caused by corrosion, in general, with talc powder can be washed off.
4 sink and faucet are prohibited to use steel wire ball scrub, so that it is easy to scratch the surface, affecting the appearance. If the drawing sink after the scratch, the general use of the thumb along the direction of drawing back and forth to rub, scratch can disappear.
5 as far as possible to avoid the renovation of the master directly to the renovation of the waste, waste water into the sink, blocking the water pipe does not say, corrosion of the tank can affect the appearance of the.
Take you to understand the stainless steel sink of the water system
When it comes to stainless steel sink, maybe a lot of people only know some of the basic knowledge, but for the stainless steel sink water system, you understand?
The first is the water mouth, a steel ball positioning Xiashuikou, extrusion type sealing and Taiwan controlled water to three types. The positioning steel ball drain is also known nozzle under the umbrella, the positioning steel ball launching export control, only open and closed two states, to mentioned ball stuck in place, is open, water will flow away, down until the bottom of the water sealing rubber ring and stainless steel water body contact will be closed, easy to control and water does not tilt. But the problem is that the water is slower, the filter is not clean.
Better is invented by domestic design big basket to water heater, large basket to water is also divided into two, one is to emulate the European umbrella shaped nozzle; the other a that is extruded sealing water device. Advantage is the double filter, not easy to block, and the use of convenient, consistent with the country's operating habits. Second kinds of stainless steel basket no ball, just embedded in the water inside. Replace sb. launch control is stainless steel cover, as long as the cover covers can keep water, water can be taken away. This design is more simple and quick. The stainless steel basket stopped a lot of dirt, water is also good.
Water pipe with PP material and PVC material, etc.. There are advantages of scale, reduce the vibration and noise, high temperature resistance, anti cracking, anti condensation, long service life etc.. S type deposit trap effectively avoid the odor in the sewer pipe on the back, and Jack Bauer, woodlice and vitality tenacious biological survival, reduce the breeding of bacteria.