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Building Materials Selection Guide: optional stainless steel
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A stainless steel sink material classification
1, 304 # Material Stainless steel , material stainless steel 202 # 3, 201 # Material Stainless steel 
The biggest difference is that the above-mentioned types of stainless steel on the corrosion resistance can be differences, the 304 best somewhat less 202, 201, followed, of course, the price difference is huge. So please consumers purchase must consult to businesses clearly be taken with care. Best manufacturers warranty book.
Surface treatment classification
, Pearl silver surface, matte brushed surface, mercerized surface, 4, polished mirror 
These four process each specialty points, pearl silver surface, the most popular, the process is blasting its surface, and its chemical surface treatment, surface luxury, even over a period. Mercerized surface has become more popular, features a matte drawing process advantages with polished mirror advantages, delicate performance, mercerized such as satin.
Third, the structure of the classification
1, single basin type 2, double basin type 3, three pots of type 4 with airfoil 
The single bowl type sink basin body, opt for more convenient, comfortable, currently on the market has been longer than 900mm long basin type. Modeling is more luxurious, of course, the price is also more expensive. Double basin type is the most practical, and more generally for the picture-double basin, which is a main bowl plus a secondary basin body, the main basin washing, auxiliary basin for the use of the net bubble. The the three pots clearer division of labor, its basin body, big kitchen only useless. With airfoil sink in the domestic market is not very popular, but is more popular in Europe and America.
A stainless steel sink material classification    1, 304 # Material Stainless steel, material stainless steel 202 # 3, 201 # Material Stainless steel The biggest difference is that the above-mentioned types of stainless steel on the corrosion resistance can be differences, 304 best, 202 somewhat less, 201, followed by ...
To water installations
Go water device may be something overlooked by most consumers, but it is very critical parts of the tank configuration, the the sink price impact is very large, a good strainer prices over one hundred yuan, as well as drainer with automatic water device, but the multi-function is not necessarily a good thing, start convenient, problems may arise for a long time!
Measured stainless steel sinks than the thickness
Good stainless steel sink use a relatively thick sheet, edge processing due to the sink, it's hard to see that the thickness, the easiest way: a little harder to sink surface, if you press down, the material is thin, of course, able to borrow a vernier caliper and micrometer screw should not be too much trouble.
6, weigh component of stainless steel sinks
Steel is an iron alloy, the proportion of steel is 7.87, which added a nickel, chromium, heavy metals, the proportion of these metals than steel, so the relatively heavy component (of course, also refer to the plate thickness). If it is fake, low-quality stainless steel, such as the weight of the steel plate chrome lighter. 
To see stainless steel sink process
The welding method and integrally molding method. We see some designer sinks, the same exterior dimensions, the prices are very different. This material factors, and also the cost of the process. Of course, we can say with certainty, one piece of stainless steel sink timber affirmation better than welding law, class sink with time stamping method of production, of course, the brand-name inside low-end products, a lot of the welding method, touch on know. 
How to choose a high-quality stainless steel sinks?
1, the plate thickness of the sink: quality sink imported 304 stainless steel plate having a thickness of 1mm, and the ordinary low-grade sink 0.5mm-0.7mm, the distinguished methods can be distinguished from the weight and the surface is flat two aspects. 
2, noise abatement measures to deal with: the quality of the bottom of the tank after spraying or sticky rubber sheet and do not fall off, reduce tap water caused by pelvic floor impact sound cushion. 
Surface treatment: quality sink surface smoothness, visual gloss soft, sticky oil spill, easy to clean, wear-resistant. 
4, the inner corners of treatment: the quality sink corner close to 90 degrees, tank visual the basin body volume. 
Supporting parts: quality fell into the water head requires wall thickness, smooth handling, never mentioning cage off leaks, touch beads durable and feel comfortable. Downspouts requirements made 漠昀 environmentally friendly disposable material, easy to install, odor, heat-resistant, anti-aging and other functions, durable. 
6, sink molding process: one molding technology to solve the the basin body welding the weld withstand a variety of chemical liquids (such as detergent, stainless steel cleaning agents, etc.) to corrosion leakage problem. One molding process is a particularly important process, demanding the steel plate material. What kind of process is the sink a quality evident.